Check Unwanted Energy At the Door!

Here is a guest blog I did for Sutra Lifestyles with a forward by my friend Maiko.  Enjoy


Check Unwanted Energy At the Door!

My friend Cara practically glows from the inside out! She is a beautiful example of a woman who radiates self-love and acceptance. I’m amazed at how she can let negative people or experiences roll off her back and not let it affect her energy or attitude.

At times, difficult situations and people can suck the energy right out of me and I still struggle with keeping that in check. Recently I asked Cara for some tips on how to be engaged in a “situation” without allowing it to leave me exhausted or tense afterward. She gave me this wonderful self-guided meditation practice that has done wonders! I intend to repeat this mantra whenever I start to feel like my energy is being drained or my frustrations are flaring up.

It’s a really good one to practice under your breath when someone who is negative or toxic is in your personal space and there is no quick escape route. I instantly feel lighter and less overwhelmed.

Cara’s instructions and mantra for this meditation are below. Give it a whirl and see what it does for you. Trust me, you’ll love it! Thank you once again Cara for your meditation guidance, love, and positive vibes. For more of Cara’s beautiful affirmations and guidance check out her wonderful post on self-love: I am Beautiful, I am Sexy, I am Strong.



Here’s what Cara has to say:
First and foremost, remember not to judge yourself for taking on other energy! It happens to almost everyone in varying degrees and they don’t even realize it. Maybe you wound up feeling blue after talking to a friend who is depressed and you just can’t seem to shake it off… or you feel angry for no reason at all and you can’t seem to process it and let it go. Often times we are having these feelings and emotions because we have picked up some energy from another person.

This is a great meditation to do each evening, or right after a situation that you feel you took on heavy or unwanted energy.



Find a comfortable seat and get grounded, take several deep breaths and close your eyes. First affirm that you send everyone’s else’s energy back to them with love. Feel it whisking away from your body.

Then imagine you were standing under golden drops of rain, and these drops are washing everything that isn’t yours away, rinsing it all off like a shower.

Repeat these as many times as you need.

Once you are complete take several deep breaths and open your eyes.



Let the light inside you always grow brighter and shine it upon the world.

-Cara Viana

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